Invoice discounting injects working capital into business

Industry: Landscaping

Product: Invoice discounting confidential

Facility size: £3,000,000

Following some challenging trading years caused by extreme weather conditions, the company reviewed their business strategy and implemented changes designed to optimise performance. Improving their financial position was a key aspect.

Close Brothers Invoice Finance were approached to inject working capital into the business. After analysing the company’s history and forward-looking requirements, we structured a £3,000,000 invoice discounting facility. 

This enables the SME to access the value of unpaid customer invoices as soon as they are raised. They retain control of credit control, so the facility remains completely confidential and customers are unaware of any changes.

The funding allowed trading to continue during the turnaround period by improving cash flow. It will now provide additional working capital during peak trading months, helping the business to thrive on an ongoing basis. 


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