About us

About us

We combine industry expertise with innovative, flexible funding solutions to support firms across the UK. Our range of products can be tailored to meet business' objectives such as improving cash flow or financing strategic events including mergers and acquisitions.

Part of Close Brothers: The Modern Merchant Bank

Part of Close Brothers: A modern merchant bank

Close Brothers Invoice Finance is part of Close Brothers Group plc, a leading UK merchant banking group. The group is underpinned by traditional values, including a responsible and ethical approach to lending.

We are proud to be one of the highest rated banks in the UK*.

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Moody's bank ratings August 2017

Funding adapts in line with your business

Independent and well capitalised

Offering the flexibility of an independent provider, combined with the financial strength of our merchant bank parentage, we really do offer the best of both worlds.

Unlike other traditional forms of finance, our portfolio of products is designed to provide stability for your business without restricting change and growth. In fact, our funding adapts in line with your business, which is why we don't consider ourselves just a financial provider, but a long-term business partner.

David Thomson CEO

David Thomson, CEO

I've worked within the finance industry for more than 25 years and came to Close Brothers Invoice Finance in 2002, having previously held positions at HSBC and Barclays. I've overseen a period of expansion, repositioning the business as a product and service leader within our sector. My vision is to continue to build new and strengthen existing relationships with customers and our financial advisory community, whilst driving our ambition to educate businesses about the merits of asset based finance as a long-term, viable funding solution.

Our awards

Our high quality products and commitment to service excellence are widely recognised. We are honoured to have won numerous industry awards.

The SME Finance Charter

Five committments to support SME customers through Brexit











We'll help you prepare for brexit and beyond





Our purpose is to help the people and businesses of Britain thrive over the long term. We work with a wide variety of businesses of many sizes to help support their growth, improve their infrastructure or invest in new assets, and have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and the markets they operate in. Our relationship managers are always there to discuss any concerns or requirements you may have, and to help make sure you have access to the finance you need when it matters the most.








We're open for business and ready to lend



Our prudent model, based on a strong financial position and balance sheet, has allowed us to continue to lend and support our customers in a wide range of market conditions over the last 30 years. Many of our businesses lend principally to SMEs, both through our direct sales force and via broker distribution channels. This includes our Asset Finance business, which provides commercial asset financing, hire purchase and leasing solutions for a diverse range of assets and sectors, and our Invoice and Speciality Finance business that works with over 2,000 small businesses providing debt factoring, invoice discounting and asset-based lending. We are confident that this model will serve us well in this period of heightened uncertainty and stand ready to continue supporting our customers over the long term, whatever Brexit brings.







We'll support your application and signpost other options if needed


We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of SMEs and on helping them to achieve their ambitions. Our specialist expertise and deep industry knowledge allow us to support our customers’ unique commercial ambitions, and by better understanding businesses and their communities our local teams can make fast, reliable lending decisions when they need them the most.






We'll treat you fairly at all times


Our code of conduct and key customer principles ensure that we seek the right outcomes for our customers, always endeavour to ensure our pricing is fair and appropriate, and are clear and consistent in the way we communicate. Taking the time to understand and build strong long-term relationships with our customers is part of our culture, and we care strongly about delivering excellent service and thinking that is both entrepreneurial and disciplined, and always acting with integrity.



British Business Bank



We will work with the Government- owned British Business Bank to support SMEs


We remain committed to our ongoing positive dialogue with the British Business Bank, and are dedicated to identifying solutions for SMEs aligned with the goals of the British Business Bank programmes. Resources to help growing businesses understand and discover different finance options are available through the British Business Bank’s Finance Hub.