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IDeal™ Compatible Accounts Packages

Seamless integration with over 285 accounts systems. Our invoice finance software is compatible with all the main accountancy software providers, this has enabled us to create a truly integrated software solution into your chosen package, including Xero, Sage and Quickbooks.

List of compatible accounts packages:


Access aCloud Financials V3

Access Dimensions Lite V2

Access Dimensions V2

Access Dimensions V2.4

Access Horizons V4

Access Horizons V5

Access Supply Chain v7.2

AccountsIQ Integration V1.1

Advanced Open Accounts V9

Aptean Ross ERP V6.3

Aptean Ross ERP V8

Big Red Book Accounts V4.60

Big Red Book Accounts V8.02

Bluesky Horizon Interbase v3.260

Bluesky Horizon Interbase v3.340

Bluesky Horizon SQL V3.260

CAS V3.4.1

De Facto Software (July 2019)


E-Max ERP V7

E-Max ERP V7.23

Epicor ERP 9.05.700C

Epicor ERP V10.2

ERP Accpac v5.4

ERP X3 V11

ERP X3 V12

ERP X3 v6.5

ERP X3 v7.1

ERP X3 v8.3

Financial Force V18

Financials v131.046

Financials v131.049

Financials v150.022


Global Abaca 3000 V6

Global Abaca V4.8

IFS Applications 7.5 V4.1.0

Intact IQ V2020

Intact V11

Intact V9.01

Iris Exchequer SQL V6.9

Iris Exchequer SQL V7.7

Iris Exchequer V13

Iris Exchequer V6.00

Iris Exchequer V6.6

Iris Exchequer V7.7

KashFlow v1.2

LabelTraxx V8.1.6


MAM Autopart V20

Mam Autopart V30

Mamut Enterprise E3 V18

Mamut Enterprise E3 V19

Mamut Enterprise E4 V18

Mamut Enterprise E4 V19

Mamut Enterprise E5 V16

Mamut Enterprise E5 V18

Mamut Enterprise E5 V19

Mamut Enterprise E5 V22

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics AX V2009

Microsoft Dynamics AX V2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX V4

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 v11

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018

Microsoft Dynamics GP V9

Microsoft Dynamics Nav V2009

Microsoft Dynamics Nav V2013

Microsoft Dynamics Nav V2015

Microsoft Dynamics Nav V2016

Microsoft Dynamics Nav V2017

Microsoft Dynamics Nav V2018

Microsoft Dynamics Nav V6

Microsoft Dynamics Nav V7

Microsoft Great Plains V10

Microsoft Great Plains V15

Microsoft Great Plains V6

Microsoft Great Plains V7.5

Microsoft Great Plains V8

Microsoft Great Plains V9

Microsoft Navision S V3.7

Microsoft Navision S V4

Microsoft Navision S V5

Moveware V8

OneFit Premier 2 V2016

OneOffice v4.12

Oracle Financials V11i

Orderwise V21

Orderwise V22

Oxford Software Tempaid V5

Paprika V7.6A

Paprika V8.0.1

Paprika V8.2

Paprika V8.5

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V3.1

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V4.0

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V4.1

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V4.2

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V5.0

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V5.5

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.1

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.11

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.12

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.13

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.5

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.6

Pegasus Opera II Enterprise V6.8

Pegasus Opera II V7

Pegasus Opera III V1.10.11

Pegasus Opera III V1.20

Pegasus Opera III V2.12

PS Financials V4

PS Financials V5.11

PS Financials V6

Quickbooks Enterprise v13

Quickbooks Enterprise v14

Quickbooks Enterprise V14 SQL

Quickbooks Online

Quickbooks Pro 2010

Quickbooks Pro 2012

Quickbooks Pro 2013

Quickbooks Pro 2014

Quickbooks Pro 2015

Quickbooks Pro 2016

Quickbooks Pro 2017

Quickbooks Pro 2018

Quickbooks Pro 2019

Quickbooks Pro 2020

Quickbooks Pro 2021


Safe Financials V3

Safe Financials V4

Safe Financials V5

Sage 1000 V2.1

Sage 1000 V2.3

Sage 1000 V3

Sage 1000 V4

Sage 200 Financials V2009

Sage 200 Financials V6

Sage 200 V2009

Sage 200 V2010

Sage 200 V2011

Sage 200 V2013

Sage 200 V2015

Sage 200 V2016

Sage 200 V2019

Sage 200 V2020

Sage 200 V2021

Sage 200 V2022

Sage 200 V6

Sage 200 V7

Sage 200 V8

Sage 200c Professional (On Premise Only)

Sage 200c Standard (On Premise Only)

Sage 300 V2018

Sage 300 V2019

Sage 300 V2021

Sage 300 V2022

Sage 50 Accounts 2012

Sage 50 Accounts 2013

Sage 50 Accounts 2014

Sage 50 Accounts 2015

Sage 50 Accounts 2016

Sage 50 Accounts 2017

Sage 50 Accounts Essentials 2016

Sage 50c V23

Sage 50c V23.2

Sage 50c V24

Sage 50c V25

Sage 50c V26

Sage 50c V27

Sage 50c V28

Sage 50c V29

Sage Line100 V6.2

Sage Line100 V7.5

Sage Line100 V7.6

Sage Line100 V8.0

Sage Line100 V8.1

Sage Line100 V8.2

Sage Line100 V8.5

Sage Line500 V5.5

Sage Line500 V6

Sage Line500 V7

SAP Business One HANA V10

SAP Business One HANA V9

SAP Business One V10

SAP Business One V2007

SAP Business One V2007A

SAP Business One V2008

SAP Business One V8.8

SAP Business One V9

Sedona Office v5.7

Servium Priority ERP v21

Stirling Solutions Accounts V10

Stirling Solutions Accounts V9

Syspro ERP V7.0

Syspro ERP V8.0

TAS Books V4

TAS TASBooks V3.01

TAS TASBooks V5.02


Topaz Financials V3

Topaz Financials V4

Vline V18

WinMan V7

WinMan V8


XLine R20

XLine R25

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