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Video transcript: Interview with Ivor Jacobs, Managing Director at Ivor Solution Ltd.

My name is Ivor Jacobs. The company is Ivor Solution Limited. We are software engineers but we also use our software within the context of printing.

Our business need was that we wanted to expand the company and we felt that by going the invoice discounting route, it would be the most flexible option that seemed to be on the table at that time, which was some 45 years ago, and it certainly proved its way because now we're in a much, much better position and a lot of that is due to the way that we've financed the business with Close.

The product that we chose was the IDeal system because it's an online system and we are an online company, so it made a lot of sense that we have something that we actually understood how it all worked together.

We found the system very good indeed, so it was very easy for us to use, very easy for us to get the cash when we needed it and all in all, the results demonstrate that it was the right decision because here we are four or five years later and we are in a much, much better financial shape.

We found the staff at Close to be great. We've worked very well with them, especially the auditors when they come down, you know one thinks 'oh my god the auditors are coming down', but in fact we've found them really helpful, really positive, and we've learnt quite a lot from them that has helped our efficiency as a business.

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