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Whether you want to improve your cash flow, grow your business or acquire another, we will take the time to really understand the complexities of your operation and tailor a package to meet your specific needs.


What is invoice finance

What is invoice finance?

Invoice finance provides your business with a steady cash flow injection by releasing the capital locked up in unpaid invoices.

We pay up to 90% of the value of your invoices the moment they are raised, then once the payment has been settled, you will receive the balance minus a small fee.

What types of businesses use invoice finance?

A diverse range of sectors from manufacturing and engineering through to recruitment and healthcare successfully use our invoice finance solutions.

It is particularly suitable for businesses struggling with clients’ 30 day+ payment terms as you are able to access your cash as soon as the invoice is raised, rather than waiting until the following month or longer.

We provide funding to businesses with an annual turnover of over £500k.

Types of invoice finance we offer

Your invoices

Raise an invoice
We pay you up to 90% instantly
You liaise with your customer for payment
You receive the balance when the invoice is paid